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Pull up a seat at the boss table this week and get informed. Are you tired of feeling lost? Or you're doing everything you can and nothing's working? No worries .. we're putting an end to it ALL !

Get VIP Access

If you're really invested in your business then you need the VIP seats. Get automatic access to session..no sign up needed! We're doing it for you..sort of like valet. Get access to over 50+ vendors and a "Vendors Game Plan Cheat Sheet" PLUS a replay to the live. Don't forget you recieve full personal access to me for when you need it! Times get hard girl.. I know!!

What You Need?

Nothing, if your serious you'll bring your list so we can guide you and just a pen and paper. You KNOW its about to go down! Get there early, only 50 students are allowed and you MUST have the invitation link or password to join.


This isn't just ANY list..you will now have access to over 50+ who CAN take your brand to the next level just like I did mine. Increase the quality of your items with these vendors and even step your packaging game up! You will get the "Cheat Sheet" to help you create your team and easily build relationships with the vendors listed. You're getting $20 off the original price and a replay of the session that you can keep for whenever you need it!

Why You Need To Be Here?

You either haven't made your first $!k yet in your business or you've been trying to start but are SO LOST. I know, I'm not a mind reader but I've been there too! This session is going to take you from lost to paid all 2021. Giving you the perfect money making tools to level up your brand. Tips on marketing, social media tactics and more! Don't miss out on this FREE gem if you want to be the next 5/6/7 figure business !

Meet The Teacher!

Heyyy! I know you're wondering if this is really for you. I was thinking the same thing before I invested in those classes. IT IS. Im no fraud ... the numbers you see are MINE and was generated by using my money making tactics. What's that? Oh of course I'll be putting you on to those , I want to see more 5 figure businesses this year. I went from making $2k in one year which is NOT enough for someone like me to live off of 😂 ($166 a month). I know that's not enough for you either sis, so grab that bundle and PULL UP.

"You were soo sweet! You helped me find exactly what I was looking for in a vendor! Thank you so much for the call."

SanQueisha Windham


"Icyy Galore goal was to make $500 for our first week and we ended up making $1000 in 2 days! Thank you so much for the support"

Icyy Galore


"Hey, Bree! I loved your class and it's clearly showing results! I got 14 orders, surpassed my goal of 100 followers by 14+ and Im almost at 500 likes on our business page!"

Jordyn Hunter